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SIS Equipment Loan Pool

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**Note: Thank you for your patience during AQ21 while we get the loan pool back up and running again!**

Stanford Introductory Studies (SIS) maintains a loan pool to facilitate experimentation and innovation in teaching and learning. If you're an instructor teaching in programs administered by Introductory Studies, including anyone teaching in IntroSems, COLLEGE, ESF, ITALIC, SLE, Arts Intensive, and Sophomore College, you've got access to our loan pool! VPUE staff needs are also welcome. Contact Beth Seltzer with questions about the SIS loan pool. 


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Who can use the SIS Loan Pool?

The main users are current Stanford instructors and Fellows teaching in programs administered by Introductory Studies, including anyone teaching in IntroSems, COLLEGE, SoCo, etc.

VPUE staff can usually also use the equipment for regular work duties. PWR instructors have access, but contact your ATS first, as PWR has a more specialized pool that might be a better fit for your needs.

The loan pool is NOT usually available for students, though there may be exceptions for VPUE student workers etc. Students are encouraged to utilize the equipment available from Lathrop Learning Hub. Instructors not currently teaching in SIS programs are encouraged to contact the VPTL, which also has equipment available for loan.

How long can equipment be checked out?

Most loans are for a day, to facilitate the needs of the shared pool. Longer-term loans may be possible for some equipment. 

Why isn't _____ in the loan pool?

Our equipment pool is intended to be used for innovative teaching and learning, so our pool is pretty specialized. We do NOT have spare computer or cellphone chargers, wireless mice and keyboards, or replacements for lost Stanford-issued equipment (i.e., a replacement dongle if the Stanford-issued one gets lost). 


How to Reserve

Check this Equipment Availability Calendar to see if the equipment is available. If it is, fill out the form, below. The ATS will email you, usually within 1-2 business days, to set up a pickup time.

Please put in a request no fewer than three business days before the equipment is needed!

Equipment Availability Calendar

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Check-Out Form

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Contact Beth Seltzer with questions about the SIS loan pool.